Cyber Pizza Extravaganza

Tummy rumbling, mouth watering, I ordered a pizza the other night. Not earth shattering you say? Well, I placed my order over the Internet at ! Yes, you can actually order your pizza and have it delivered, hot and yummy, right to your door without speaking to a human being! Did you know that? Amazing.

Now, although I accomplished this feat of culinary delight, I didn’t say it was easy. Oh no, it took me over 25 minutes of scrolling through all my choices to finally arrive at a successful sale. The grueling task of pondering choices began with the basics:

  • What is the proper foundation for my delectable item: thick, original, or thin crust? (I need to watch those calories, you know). 
  •  Did I want spicy Italian sausage or regular sausage or perhaps just hamburger; with onions or extra cheese; perhaps a pepperoni or two? 
  • Don’t forget the ultimate choice: breadsticks, cheese sticks, or the coup d’├ętat… garlic parmesan breadsticks!
Then down to the financial choices:
  • Should I do the extra large pizza for $12? 
  • Or what about the two large pizzas for $10 each because they are cheaper than the “build your own” option? 
  • But wouldn’t the larges be way too much pizza for us? (Can there be too much pizza?).
And don’t forget the extras that make or break a pizza:
  • Do I need crushed red pepper packets, parmesan cheese packets, and/ or special seasoning packets
  • Then, assuming I need them… how the convenient price of .10¢ each?
I won’t even go into the beverage choices…….. my point is that after entirely too much brainpower was expended over something simple like dinner, the nice young man arrived at my door with precisely what I had ordered. Whew!

After that ordeal, can you imagine trying to purchase insurance on the Internet? I know many people do it, however, it seems to me that with all the choices in coverage, it could be a very difficult and confusing experience. (After all, I think getting the pizza I wanted the way I wanted was a miracle!)

As an insurance agent, it is my job and my pleasure to help people make their selections off the “insurance menu”. I enjoy explaining the variety of coverage choices and options in order to help my clients make informed decisions to protect what they value the most.

Next time you have an insurance question, give me a call 308-436-4202 or click And by all means, hold the anchovies!

What’s your favorite kind of pizza?

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