Three Hundred Feet Above Sea Level

The day is a balmy 90 degrees but feels like 110 with the humidity, however, a pleasant ocean breeze keeps the heat at bay. The water, an exquisite blue-turquoise, stretches as far as the eye can see and meets a coastline of brilliant white sands. What could be more perfect?

The woman is suddenly catapulted back to reality as the barefooted young man says “listo?” He grins as he starts the motor and the boat lurches forward. The woman, usually proficient in the Spanish language, realizes she can’t even formulate a coherent sentence in English at this moment, let alone remember the Spanish word for seatbelt! (By the way, there IS NO seatbelt). Before she can utter a sound or even wonder how in the world she got herself into this mess, she finds herself rising from the deck of the boat. Higher and higher she goes, the breath rushing out of her lungs as she floats, suspended above the boat by the parasail.

As she fights to quell the rising panic, questions race through her mind:

· Do they have liability insurance if something goes wrong?

· Does my health, or heaven forbid, my life insurance cover parasailing?

· Can I somehow leap away from the metal “chair of death” before we hit the water when it falls?

We all do crazy things once in a while. (Parasailing is definitely one of them!) Wondering if your insurance protects you shouldn’t be one of those things. Did you know that some liability policies require that a lawsuit be filed in the country that issued the insurance policy? (So a lawsuit filed in the USA for an incident in Mexico may not be covered by the Mexican insurance policy). Did you know that some life insurance policies may exclude death caused by specific hazardous activities, such as parasailing or bungee jumping, etc.?

Schedule a time to visit with our agents to review your risks and your insurance protections today! Call 308-436-4202 or visit our website: Oh, and keep the words for seatbelt in mind, “cinturĂ³n de seguridad”, as they might come in handy!

What’s the craziest thing you have done on vacation?

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  1. Craziest thing I have done on vacation is drive 5866 miles in 3 weeks!!!!! SK


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