Hello World!

This is an exciting day for me....I am now officially a blogger. Yippie! My goal is to share information, insights, and inspirations that will convey my passion and excitement about insurance (and whatever else catches my attention).

Yes, I said - "passion and excitement about insurance" - it is NOT an oxymoron. I absolutely love my chosen profession. It is challenging, every day is different, and I am able to help every single person I work with by protecting the things that are most important to them. What can be better than working in an industry that gives people the peace of mind to sleep well at night, knowing that if some unforseen disaster strikes, they will be able to rebuild their lives?

Not convinced about the "passion" part yet? Have no fear, I am sure I will win you over. Tune in later for more Insights from Insurance by Katie!

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  1. Congrats Katie on joining the Blogging World. Love the pic!


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