Disaster Preparation Special Newsletter

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In light of recent storm activities in Western Nebraska and around the country, it is more important than ever that we prepare in advance for the "what if".  Make time to read and to act upon the information contained in this special edition.

Learn all this and more:
  • What you need to prepare in advance
  • Why you need a Home Inventory and how to compile one
  • What documents to protect
  • What a "Go Bag" is and what "goes" in it
  • How to prepare for disaster survival if you own a pet
  • How to safeguard your family, including possible special needs for children, seniors, disabled persons
  • Discover online links for tools, resources, and mobile storm alert apps
  • Much, much, more
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Dragons, Hobbits & Center Pivots

Water glistened in the sunlight creating tiny little rainbows across the farmer's field. Birds were flying in the sky. The air was crisp and fresh. It was a very peaceful scene and the woman was thankful for the agricultural sights that made the Western Nebraska drive pleasant.

All of a sudden the grinding of machinery broke into her peaceful revelry.

What's this?!

In a nearby field, a center pivot was reversing direction and speeding up! She watched in horror as the enormous sprinkler changed its direction, and began hurtling across the field the wrong way toward other machinery and equipment in its path. She had a fleeting vision of a long silver dragon with its mouth wide open barreling down upon the innocent defenseless villagers. (Yes, she had a flair for the dramatic, and had just watched the new Hobbit movie!) But what happened next was no less horrific than what the villagers and all those movies experience as the dragon breathes fire down on their houses...

Crash! RRR! Scrrreeetch! The pivot finally came to a halt but not before entwining itself in another pivot in the next field over.

This story may sound as outlandish and fantastical as a dragon flying over villages. Unfortunately, however, this is no fairytale. It actually happened. The farm machinery did malfunction, damaging not only that pivot but the neighbor's property as well. Would you be protected if a piece of your equipment damage something belonging to your neighbor?

Our knowledgeable agents at the The Writer Agency, LLC can help you obtain the proper coverage so you can answer "yes" to that question. Call 308-436-4202 or email Katie@InsuranceByKatie.com 

Rabbits, Watches, & the Missing "S"

Twice a year (at least) I get so confused....I never know what time it is and I always feel just like the White Rabbit --- I'm Late, I'm Late! 

I thought this "Jump Forward, Fall Back" stuff mandated through Daylight Saving Time was meant to help us, not throw us into a tizzy so we run about frantically glancing at our watches just like our furry white friend. And while we are on the subject of craziness, isn’t the word supposed to be Daylight Savings Time? Where the heck is the “s”?

Dare I digress into an English lesson….oh yes, let’s!

Technically, the word “saving” is used in this phrase as an adjective. It describes the kind of time we are talking about: the “saving” kind of time, just like you would describe eco-friendly coffee as “sustainable development” coffee. Or perhaps it could be better written with a dash in the middle, as in: daylight-saving time. In that form, we can liken it how we use the word “man-eating” tiger.

Ok, have I brought back all those repressed memories of high-school English class? (Let the nightmares begin!)

While your head still hurts, let’s ponder this thought I came across on the Internet: “Adding to the confusion is that the phrase Daylight Saving Time is inaccurate, since no daylight is actually saved. Daylight Shifting Time would be better, and Daylight Time Shifting more accurate, but neither is politically desirable.”


Regardless of how you look at it, inevitably on this day, we are compelled to correct our clocks and struggle with our bodies as they fight to adjust to the supposed “time” we supposedly just “saved”.

“Saving” on your insurance can be equally confusing. Cutting corners or raising deductibles to save money now may end up causing us pain later on. On the other hand, there are many ways a well planned risk management program can help you save on your insurance premiums. The knowledgeable staff at The Writer Agency, LLC. can aid you in reviewing your insurance costs and help you implement a practical risk management program.

Call 308-436-4202 or Click http://www.insurance-by-katie.com/ today!

Does anyone else hate getting up in the dark (or is it just me)?

Fall Newsletter 2012

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Read about how to protect yourself from a new kind of thief in "Cyber Liability". Learn how to insure your air conditioner from mechanical failure or your laptop for corruption from dust and the other types of damage that can be covered by Equipment Breakdown coverage (that often is NOT covered under a warranty or equipment service contract). 

Read about the written and/or photo-video inventory service our agency can provide to aid you in documenting your personal possessions BEFORE they are lost or damaged.  

Find out what this "weird" code is and how it can help you contact me when you are "on the run" and much, much more!

You can access past issues of our newsletter on our website: http://www.insurance-by-katie.com/. Enjoy!

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3.4 ounces and a Javelin

The fair skinned, red-headed woman stood obediently in the airline security checkpoint line, inching forward with the throng of other travellers at a breathtaking speed comparable to that of a herd of turtles. They were progressing forward toward the greatly anticipated  and highly coveted honor of having themselves scrutinized by total strangers. What would the modus operandi be today.....  a "whole body X-ray scan" or perhaps the exhilarating "puff" machine that is supposed to analyze the particles it blows loose for potential threats. The woman could hardly contain her anticipation! Only time would tell.

She ran through her mental checklist as she approached the conveyor belt:

  • SHOES -- off  (great....she forgot her socks and would have to walk barefoot on the yucky floor!)
  • METAL -- every speck removed from her body and placed in the plastic bin  (do belly button rings count?)
  • LAPTOP -- dutifully removed from its case (got to get a lighter model!) 
  • POCKETS -- emptied (even the lint)
  • LIQUIDS -- 3.4 oz each, maximum, all jammed in a separate quart sized baggie (she prayed it would not burst)
The woman sheepishly looked from side to side and felt like a spotlight was trained directly on her as she lifted her final item:

  • BEACH UMBRELLA -- placed guiltily on the conveyor belt
The woman could feel people staring at her, their accusing eyes boring into the back of her head. She could hear their thoughts, mocking her audacity in attempting the impossible.  But she had paid good money for that umbrella and she figured there was nothing to lose by trying to take it home with her. She resigned herself for what would inevitably follow, the sirens, the handcuffs and the humiliation of being told her precious beach umbrella, her refuge from the searing rays of the sun, was being confiscated in the name of airline safety.

But wait...............

The uniformed officer was waiving her through. No drama, no criminal record, no nothing. She walked in a daze through the security machine and began to collect her belongings that had made it through to the other side. Holy Cow!

Moral of the story:  you can't take more than 3.4 ounces of sun screen on vacation to protect your fair skin but you can lug a 6 foot beach umbrella with a seriously pointy javelin-like pole onto the plane - no problem! Go figure!

The next time you find yourself in an airport security line, have no fear. Your personal belongings can be protected against lost or theft wherever you travel through a homeowners or renters insurance policy.  (It generally will not cover confiscation of your belongings by the authorities, however). Contact our knowledgeable agents at The Writer Agency, LLC. by calling 308-436-4202 or clicking www.insurance-by-katie.com.  We will be happy to help with your protection needs. (We have numerous bottles of SPF 75 for your sun protection as well!)

Where have you gone on vacation recently?