Munchkins and Memories

I was reading the newspaper today and came across this headline: “Raabe, ‘Wizard of Oz’ Munchkin actor, dies at 94”. Do you know which Munchkin he was? He played the forensic pathologist. No, I am not confusing the “Wizard of Oz” with CSI or Dexter…. There really was a forensic pathologist in the movie. Mr. Meinhardt Raabe was the Munchkin official with the solemn yet profoundly jubilant duty of making the determination that the Wicked Witch of the East had passed on to wherever Wicked Witches go when they are squashed by flying houses. (It can’t be a good place!) It should be noted that Mr. Raabe was no run-of-the-mill pathologist, however. Holding the the official death certificate, his pronouncement was extremely detailed as he stated with authority,

“As coroner I
must aver,
I thoroughly examined her,
And she’s not only merely dead,
She’s really most sincerely dead!”

Do you remember the “magic” of this movie? I do.

I distinctly remember the first time I saw the movie, laying on the floor in front of the TV, hands on my chin, eyes glued to the black and white screen. I remember being terrified of the horrid lady riding around Dorothy’s swirling house on a bicycle who suddenly turned into the Wicked Witch! I also remember the magic part – when Dorothy steps out of the house and suddenly, like magic, everything is in gorgeous color! I still don’t know how they did that, and in 1939 no less! It truly is and will be one of the classic movies of all time.

In the movie, Dorothy loses everything in that tornado - her house, and her family - everything that she held dear. She had to endure trials and adventures before she found a wizard (sort of) that helped her put her life back together. Fortunately, your “yellow brick road” to protection against disaster is much simpler: Call our agency at 308-436-4202 or visit our website at to begin working with our insurance “wizards” to create an insurance program to protect against the “flying monkeys” in your life.

Do you have a special memory about the Wizard of Oz?

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  1. Katie,

    Insurance is Magic... Great analogy... and great article.

    Ryan H.,


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