Where do all the tumbleweeds go?

Driving down the highway the other day fighting the 90 mile per hour winds (you think I’m exaggerating but I’m NOT!) I pondered this and many other life altering questions:

• So, really, where DO the tumbleweeds go?

• And for that matter, where do they come from in the first place?

• And why the heck do they run in herds that attack your car when you least expect it?

Convinced that these earth shattering questions must be answered for the good of mankind; I did some research on tumbleweeds. What I found was a plethora of interesting factoids. There are apparently many different species of tumbleweed which can look widely different. Our local variety, salsola tragus, is thought to have arrived in South Dakota in the 1870’s as a hitchhiker within a shipment of flaxseed originating in Russia. It also seems that often the rolling part of the tumbleweed is comprised of the whole plant which, once dead, disengages from the roots in order to roam free in the world, scattering seeds as it rolls. Hmmmm.

I suppose that’s not a bad way to see the world! After all, I ended up giving several “travelers” a free ride on the grill of my vehicle until they apparently became board with the lack of flight attendant service and disembarked from my vehicle to continue their voyage to who-knows-where.

This lone tourist actually hitched a ride in the bed of a pickup that parked near to me the next day! I considered setting it “free” but decided to place it back in the pickup where I had found it so it could continue its journey as planned.

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Where is your favorite vacation spot?

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