Super Heroes in Western Nebraska

It is 7:25 pm. The sky outside is getting darker and darker. The Weather Channel desktop icon begins flashing yellow, then red. The wind that had been whipping the trees suddenly ceases to blow and the air becomes eerily calm. The birds stop chirping. The weather alert radio begins screeching. The woman grabs her laptop, cell phone, superhero cape, and uneaten dinner off the grill as she runs downstairs to the blaring of the tornado siren and the beating of the first hail stones. While desperately trying to remain calm (superheroes never panic and definitely don’t throw up), the woman begins to receive phone calls about storm damage. Her fingers fly across the keyboard
as she sends an email to an insurance company alerting them that less than 5 hours earlier she had placed coverage with their company on a home that now needs a completely new roof. She takes a bite of bratwurst and washes it down with some juice. (Yes, unfortunately just plain old juice.) She comforts and counsels several other people who have received damage. She begins submitting hail claims to insurance companies. She wipes the sweat off her brow with the corner of her superhero cape and settles in for a long night. It is 8:15 pm.

Ahhhhhh, the glorious life of a (heroic) insurance agent in western Nebraska!

As an insurance agent, storm season can be nerve racking and stressful but it’s nothing that a little bit (or a LOT) of chocolate and caffeine can’t take care of! Actually, I really do LOVE being an insurance agent, even when there are hail storms. Although slightly exaggerated, sometimes I do feel like a superhero because I am able to help people rebuild their lives after they are destroyed. That is an awesome thing!

If you have experienced damage from a recent storm, make any needed temporary repairs to prevent further damage and review the recommendations below provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with respect to hiring contractors after a natural disaster:

-- Use local contractors first. If you were satisfied with past work done by local licensed contractors, try them first. If they cannot help you, ask for recommendations. If you must hire a contractor you don’t know, talk to several of them before signing anything.

-- Ask for references. Contractors should be willing to provide names of previous customers. Contact some of those customers and ask if they would hire the contractor again.

-- Ask for a written estimate. Make sure it includes everything you expect the contractor to do. Also, find out up-front if the contractor will charge a fee for that estimate.

-- Ask for proof of insurance. Be sure the contractor has disability and workers’ compensation insurance. If not, you may be liable for accidents on your property.

-- Get a written contract. The contract should clearly state all work, costs and the payment schedule. Never sign a blank contract or one with blank spaces. It may also be worthwhile to have an attorney look at the contract before signing it.

-- Ask for guarantees in writing (if separate from the contract). If the contractor provides guarantees, he/she should clearly state what is covered by that guarantee, who is responsible for fulfilling the guarantee (dealer, contractor or manufacturer), and how long the guarantee is valid.

-- Get a copy of the final, signed contract. Read it over carefully before signing. Once signed, the contract is binding on both you and the contractor.

-- Do not sign off before the job is finished. Make sure the work is done to your satisfaction before signing completion papers or making a final payment. A reputable contractor will not threaten you or pressure you to sign if the job is not finished properly.

If you have other questions or need assistance with your claim, call our agency at 308-436-4202 or visit our website (And don’t forget that your friendly, neighborhood agent gladly accepts all forms of chocolate!)


  1. Katie,

    this is fantastic content. What a great story about just doing a wonderful job for your clients...

    You need to add some Social Media buttons so people can easily share your stories... They are well worth it!


    Ryan H.,

  2. Ryan,
    Thank-you for your comment. I truly enjoy helping my clients! I will also look into the buttons you reference. Baby steps....! Thanks.

  3. Thank so much for the excellent references supplied in the post. Looks like you are doing an superb job with your clients. Keep up the job and keep on posting, I will continue to follow you. Have a great day.

  4. Dear Business Insurance,
    I appreciate your feedback and encouragement. It's nice to know someone is "listening" to my blog!

  5. Being an insurance agent really feel good.As we can support the people and help them during there bad times.but its only possible if they trust us foresee the disaster and buy a good insurance policy to cover the risk


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