Cyber Pizza Extravaganza

Tummy rumbling, mouth watering, I ordered a pizza the other night. Not earth shattering you say? Well, I placed my order over the Internet at ! Yes, you can actually order your pizza and have it delivered, hot and yummy, right to your door without speaking to a human being! Did you know that? Amazing.

Now, although I accomplished this feat of culinary delight, I didn’t say it was easy. Oh no, it took me over 25 minutes of scrolling through all my choices to finally arrive at a successful sale. The grueling task of pondering choices began with the basics:

  • What is the proper foundation for my delectable item: thick, original, or thin crust? (I need to watch those calories, you know). 
  •  Did I want spicy Italian sausage or regular sausage or perhaps just hamburger; with onions or extra cheese; perhaps a pepperoni or two? 
  • Don’t forget the ultimate choice: breadsticks, cheese sticks, or the coup d’├ętat… garlic parmesan breadsticks!
Then down to the financial choices:
  • Should I do the extra large pizza for $12? 
  • Or what about the two large pizzas for $10 each because they are cheaper than the “build your own” option? 
  • But wouldn’t the larges be way too much pizza for us? (Can there be too much pizza?).
And don’t forget the extras that make or break a pizza:
  • Do I need crushed red pepper packets, parmesan cheese packets, and/ or special seasoning packets
  • Then, assuming I need them… how the convenient price of .10¢ each?
I won’t even go into the beverage choices…….. my point is that after entirely too much brainpower was expended over something simple like dinner, the nice young man arrived at my door with precisely what I had ordered. Whew!

After that ordeal, can you imagine trying to purchase insurance on the Internet? I know many people do it, however, it seems to me that with all the choices in coverage, it could be a very difficult and confusing experience. (After all, I think getting the pizza I wanted the way I wanted was a miracle!)

As an insurance agent, it is my job and my pleasure to help people make their selections off the “insurance menu”. I enjoy explaining the variety of coverage choices and options in order to help my clients make informed decisions to protect what they value the most.

Next time you have an insurance question, give me a call 308-436-4202 or click And by all means, hold the anchovies!

What’s your favorite kind of pizza?

Food, Friends, and Insurance in Western Nebraska

I did something recently that is on my "Top-10-Things-I-Like-To-Do List": had lunch/coffee with friends. I know, that's not very earth shattering, but it contains two of my favorite things: 1) talking and 2) eating!

My first rendezvous was coffee with Dave Teche from The Essential Step in Lincoln, Nebraska. Dave and I had delicious coffee and terrific conversation about our insurance pre-licensing program in Scottsbluff and Gering. We are working on ways to promote the class to let insurance professionals, or people wanting to get into the insurance industry, about the fact that classes are now offered by me here in Western Nebraska. Through the Essential Step, Dave and I provide a variety of insurance classes which can be viewed at his website:

The second luncheon was with Jen Bolzer from Hull and Company , also in Lincoln, Nebraska. Jen and I work together to provide insurance on harder-to-place types of businesses. Hull and Company is an Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance Brokerage that has access to a wide variety of very flexible insurance companies that enable me to tailor a program to meet the needs of my clients. We had a delicious lunch at Cappuccino and Company in Scottsbluff. Jen’s website is:

As I said before, one of my favorite things about the insurance industry is visiting and working with the wonderful people I am surrounded with.

Do you know someone who in interested in learning more about insurance or who is having trouble placing their insurance coverage?

Do you smell Funnel Cake?

Mmmmmm? Can you smell it? The sweet, bready aroma drifting upon the air. You inhale, savoring the fragrance of the doughy-goodness infused with the essence of powdered sugar. (Well, ok, I like mine drenched in powdered sugar!) The fact that it is deep fried in oil does not deter you, after all, there can’t be more than 3000 calories per funnel cake!?

Its Oregon Trail Days again in Western Nebraska! That means: Food Fair. Street Dance. Music. Carnival. BBQ. Car show. Quilt fair. Chili cook-off. Wine tasting. Parades. Square dancing. Did I mention Food Fair? And the list goes on. Visit the official website so you don’t miss out on the action:

I grew up all over the world in a variety of big cities. With that in mind, some people thought I would have a hard time adjusting to a small town but I absolutely LOVE it. Oregon Trail Days is one of those reasons. There is something special about a community that blocks off whole sections of town in order to promote people to gather and have a good time together.

Being an insurance agent in a smaller town is also one of the reasons I love my career so much. Working, shopping, and living in the same community as my clients, I am better able to help them protect the things that they value the most. And along the way many of these people become my good friends. There is nothing better than that. (Except maybe Funnel Cake!)

Does your community have a special celebration? What’s your favorite part?