The "Roll Lady" Attacks Pumpkin Pie

The can of pumpkin and the box of pie crust dough mock me from their perch near the stove. They seem to sneer...."go ahead, we DARE you to try it..."  Crap.

It was with this taunt echoing in my head that I found myself sitting at my dining room table with the current issue of the Parade insert from my newspaper. As I distractedly thumbed through the pages, one article caught my eyes:   The Pie that Ate My Thanksgiving.    Written by Jacquelyn Mitchard, the article expounds upon her lack of cooking talents and the pressures of creating The Thanksgiving Meal.

WOW - someone else, just like me!

Although I've been married for over 20 years, I have yet to cook a Thanksgiving meal. I have been fortunate enough to have my mom and mother-in-law around to do all the "heavy lifting" of the auspicious meal. To that end, I have been affectionately dubbed "The Roll Lady" because my sole job is to watch the crescent rolls so they don't burn. I am an EXCELLENT roll lady, if I do say so myself!

This year, however, I will be making a great majority of the meal at my house...including my mom's pumpkin pie recipe. Unlike Mitchard who was trying to live up to her deceased, legendary-cook  mother-in-law, my mother is in a different sort of heaven for the holiday.....on the beach in Mexico! Thus, I labor under the delusion that I will be able to create that tasty Thanksgiving treat all by myself!

And so ~ suppressing my terror, I don my suit of armor (apron) and wield my sword (spatula), shouting, "en gard, sir pumpkin can....get ye into the pie!" Let's hope I don't burn the house down!

And if I do, the agents at The Writer Agency LLC will be there to take care of me!  Let them take care of you and all of your little emergencies: call or click today! 308-436-4202 or

What's your favorite holiday food?

I'd Like a Slice of Turkey with a Side of Lawsuit, Please

Happy Holiday’s everyone!

The first snow has flown, the air is getting crisp, and I can almost smell the turkey baking! I’m one of those crazy people who love the crowds of relatives that come and go during this season. But with the increased hustle and bustle can comes the increased potential for injuries and other liabilities.

Click this link to read an interview I did for the Independent Insurance Agents of Nebraska: Personal Liability Interview

Click here for an audio version of the entire interview: Personal Liability Pod Cast
What is your favorite part about this holiday season?

Where the Heck is the "S"?

Isn’t it supposed to be Daylight Savings Time? Where the heck is the “s”?

Dare I digress into an English lesson….yes, let’s! Technically, the word “saving” is used in this phrase as an adjective. It describes the kind of time we are talking about: the “saving” kind of time, just like you would describe eco-friendly coffee as “sustainable development” coffee. Or perhaps it could be better written with a dash in the middle, as in: daylight-saving time. In that form, we can liken it how we use the word “man-eating” tiger.

Ok, have I brought back all those repressed memories of high-school English class?

While your head still hurts, let’s ponder this thought I came across on the Internet: “Adding to the confusion is that the phrase Daylight Saving Time is inaccurate, since no daylight is actually saved. Daylight Shifting Time would be better, and Daylight Time Shifting more accurate, but neither is politically desirable.”


Regardless of how you look at it, inevitably on this day, we are compelled to correct our clocks and struggle with our bodies as they fight to adjust to the supposed “time” we supposedly just “saved”.

“Saving” on your insurance can be equally confusing. Cutting corners or raising deductibles to save money now may end up causing us pain later on. On the other hand, there are many ways a well planned risk management program can help you save on your insurance premiums. The knowledgeable staff at The Writer Agency, LLC. can aid you in reviewing your insurance costs and help you implement a risk management program.

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Does anyone else hate getting up in the dark (or is it just me)?