2010 Spring Newsletter

My 2010 Spring Newsletter is now available! Click here to read about how to handle a claim if you are unfortunate enough to suffer one. (Not that I’m expecting a bad storm season but….). Review page 2 to gain an understanding of flood insurance. Or explore the need for, and coverages afforded by, Long Term Care insurance. And much, much more! You can access past issues of our newsletter on our website: http://www.insurance-by-katie.com/. Enjoy!

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Crash “Text” Dummies

I was stopped at a stoplight on the corner of 27th Street and Avenue B the other day innocently minding my own business (and contemplating the delicacies I was hoping to enjoy at lunch very soon thereafter) when I noticed a blue vehicle swerving toward me. At first I thought the driver intended to enter the center turn lane (there is really no true center lane but that was my fleeting hope at the time). Then I noticed that the driver was not even looking out his windshield but rather, he was looking down! At that split second I looked around for some sort of way to avoid being struck by his vehicle and I braced for impact because I realized I was boxed in

Munchkins and Memories

I was reading the newspaper today and came across this headline: “Raabe, ‘Wizard of Oz’ Munchkin actor, dies at 94”. Do you know which Munchkin he was? He played the forensic pathologist. No, I am not confusing the “Wizard of Oz” with CSI or Dexter…. There really was a forensic pathologist in the movie. Mr. Meinhardt Raabe was the Munchkin official with the solemn yet profoundly jubilant duty of making the determination that the Wicked Witch of the East had passed on to wherever Wicked Witches go when they are squashed by flying houses. (It can’t be a good place!) It should be noted that Mr. Raabe was no run-of-the-mill pathologist, however. Holding the the official death certificate, his pronouncement was extremely detailed as he stated with authority,

“As coroner I
must aver,
I thoroughly examined her,
And she’s not only merely dead,
She’s really most sincerely dead!”

Do you remember the “magic” of this movie? I do.

April Fool's Day & the Flying Truck

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Where did this tradition come from? Although the true roots are not known, the most popular theory is that it began in France during the late 1500’s. The Gregorian calendar was adopted, changing the New Year from the traditional week long celebration from March 25 through April 1 to the date we currently recognize: January 1. Due to poor communication systems back then, as well the rebellious nature of some, many people either didn’t know of the change or refused to acknowledge the new date and continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1. Those who failed to make this change were the victims of pranks and made fun of as “April Fools”.
On this day of tricks and silliness I wanted to share this photo with you. First of all, let me tell you that this is NOT a joke. This is a real photograph, of a real pickup truck, and a real situation that occurred a number of years ago when my dad was working in Northern Peru. What is your first impression?

If you said that it looks like the truck is flying….you would be correct! The water below is a small tributary